Alpine huts and mountain pastures

The malghe are the typical mountain huts used by local farmers to shelter livestock and produce cheese, ricotta and butter throughout the summer months. They include a simple lodge, called casera in the local dialect, where farmers dwell and process milk as well as the pastures, the troughs, the shelters and the stables.

Most malghe have been restructured and can satisfy the new tourism requirements linked to the development of the territory and the discovery of the local flavours. They have areas for the direct sale of products, and offer food and drinks as well as overnight accommodation.

Malga Col dei S’cios owes its name to a nearby area, rich of archeological finds of shellfish (gastropoda), called s’cios in the local dialect. The malga includes a recently refurbished casera, an old cowshed, that has maintained its original structure, and another one used for milking. Milk is processed inside the farmer’s lodge.

Malga Costa Cervera is situated in a dale at the foot of Col Scarpat. It includes the pastures of malga Bos and malga Bravin, of which little survives. The casera has been refurbished and extended, preserving its original aspect. It has rooms where milk is processed according to tradition and others where cheese mature. A modern stable and an old shed, used as a shelter for the sheep, complete the scenery.

Malga Fossa de Bena consists of a recently restructured casera and a new cattle shed endowed with a room for milk processing. The farmer’s old lodge, with its typical walls in dry stones, is still visible a little further, next to a pool for collecting rainwater.

Casera Busa Bernard is located on the southern border of the plateau that slopes gently down from Monte Cavallo. It can be reached either through the cart road leading to the casera or through the 982 C.A.I. trail. The casera hosts the local group of Alpini. It is open to tourists and offers accommodation for the night.

Casera Ceresera (La Theresera), located on the borders of the Cansiglio forest not far from the Casa Forestale della Candaglia, has been restructured by the C.A.I. group of Sacile that is in charge of its maintenance. The place is regarded as a meeting point for those willing to take part in the educational excursions organised by the Commissione Alpinismo Giovanile.