Production of wine and cheeses

Polcenigo boasts beautiful hills exposed to the sun, and the resurgences with crystal clear waters and is rich in various local productions, some of them mainly for home consumption and others for sale. Among these some of the most important are wine and cheese.

Wine production

Another very typical product of our area is wine.

The most common in the area are a light sparkling white wine and peculiar red wines. Generally, in all the hamlets of the Polcenigo red table wine, named merlot, is widely produced. Mostly this wine is meant for home consumption and not for sale. Several inhabitants cultivate vines, especially in the fields mainly exposed to the sun in the areas of Coltura and San Giovanni. These tart scented ruby red wines are very appreciated by many visitors coming to Polcenigo.


Cheese production

Pasture has always been a pivotal element of mountain landscape. The malghe (‘mountain huts’) are one of the most rappresentative features of pasture and a peculiarity of the mountains of Polcenigo. Working in pastures used to be an important source of income. Although, the transformation in the standard of living and the efforts that working in pastures involved led to the decline of this tradition.

Nowadays some people are willing to take back to life this institution to produce butter and cheese again, adapting the products to what the market now requires. This production mainly takes place during summer season and certainly constitutes a significant heritage for the local community.