Honey has been well renown as sacred and beneficial since ancient times. Before even sugar was discovered, honey had been employed as the only sweetener for centuries. Men learnt how to benefit from bees since time immemorial.

In ancient times honey was used in cooking to sweeten game or fish, bake focaccias, sweeten wine and prepare alcoholic beverages, such as mead, a fermented drink made with honey and water.

Honey production is very widespread in Polcenigo. It has several undeniable beneficial effects; honey had been used as a natural antibiotic, with soothing and decongesting action on colds, cough, flu, and it is often a precious ingredient to bake focaccias and cakes, and to serve cheese with.

Each time its colour is unique; light-coloured when it is made from acacia or dandelion, or dark-coloured from chestnut, and it varies according to the production season. This product assembles the nectar of numerous herbaceous plants, cane and trees living in local agroecosystems. Spring multi-flower honey generally have more delicate scent and taste than summer production.

Everyone values this special product, adults, and younger people; in fact it is particularly used to sweeten milk for toddlers and babies.