Museum of cooking art

A “place to be used as a theatre”, owned by the Counts of Polcenigo, was first reported in the second half of the 19th century, when this massive building, previously used as a warehouse (or a barn), hosted concerts and theatrical performances by local amateurs. The inside was decorated with pleasant sceneries and paintings of which no trace is left. Sold to privates, it became a ballroom and, in the 1930s, a cinema, which worked with alternate fortune till 1971.

Nowadays, after major renovations, the building hosts the new movie theatre and the Museum of Cooking Arts.

The Museum traces back the history of the chefs from the Upper Livenza area through documents, old cookery books, ancient recipes, menus, kitchenware and photos that attest the commitment, ability and creativity of our chefs and highlight some of the most significant moments in their careers.