The Gorgazzo

Many are the reasons why the Gorgazzo spring is worth a visit but there is no doubt that the colours of its water are its most outstanding features. Shades of emerald blue and turquoise combine with the rays of sunlight to create a unique chromatic effect. The spring is fed by the waters that flow through the clefts and cracks of the nearby calcareous mountains to collect in a narrow tunnel under the mountain and resurface here. Being highly dependent on the amount of rain and snow that fall on the mountains, the water level may vary a lot during the year. Quite a few divers have explored the spring with alternate fortune. The record belongs to Luigi Casati who was able to dive as deep as 212 mts (2008).

The spring gives origin to the Gorgazzo, a stream that flows through the centre of Polcenigo where its charm is enhanced by the ancient palaces that are mirrored into its waters.

Gorgazzo is also the name of the small settlement that has developed around the spring. Here most houses still preserve the typical local architecture based on the use of stones and wood.