Departure: Loc. Santissima parking
Length: 7.2km
Difference in height: D+ 80 m
Difficulty: Tourist
Maximum altitude: 122 m asl

The path starts in the Unesco site of Palù di Livenza and the Santissima springs, goes up towards the foothills of Coltura, up to the Gorgazzo spring, and then continues in the historic center of Polcenigo, and returns to the starting point along the route naturalistic on the slopes of the hill of San Floriano. Most of the route is on a dirt and paved road, suitable for families and inexperienced hikers for a total walking time of 2h and 30min. You can enjoy unique natural and architectural beauties. The ring of springs is included in the regional project of Anci FVG 10000 healthy steps as an example of a regional excellence path.