Troi de Gor

This itinerary starts from Polcenigo square (you may park in the area behind the townhall) and it mainly runs on the hills towards the Budoia area.

You walk along the road towards the popular Gorgazzo and as soon as you are outside the historical centre (the Borgo), turn right and cross the small river over the stones stuck in the water. A mule track climbs the hill, and past 50 meters in height walking a well-signed track, you get to the top of the hill Colle delle Razze, where you can see some ruins of an old building. The floor is very dense with flowers and plants and it is quite hard to see a view from here.

The track gradually widens and while you are going towards the hill Col Pizzoc it becomes a dirt road. Bushes make room for luxuriant woods of beech trees with studded all over with butcher’s broom. After a few ups and downs and the main rise already passed in the part, now the hike is going to be very pleasant and relaxing.

Keep on the main dirt road until you get to a water purification structure.

Here you almost need to take a hairpin bend, otherwise you will end up in Budoia. You are now entering the marvelous Troi de Gor (Gor trail in dialect), which runs along the water stream towards Polcenigo.
Verdant and luxuriant plants and flowers, pretty birds tweeting in a fresh silent atmosphere, small wooden bridges, little waterfalls, water sources and a wide tratturo (sheep track) lead you in a light steady downhill back to where you walked out of the village, constantly surrounded by a beautiful landscape. This is the marvelous Troi de Gor!

Once back to Polcenigo, if you have never been there, you could also talk a walk up to the castle or simply wander around the amazing history-soaked lanes of the old little village.

This is a tourist walk, low difficulty, suitable for children. You certainly need to pay attention to the right marks of this trail whilst walking on the hills. You may want to use a digital map as an additional support.

A good solution to keep the right sense of direction is to avoid climbing to the hill Colle delle Razze and to follow the Troi de Gor and backwards. A further advice is you take the nice path at the end of Strada Cavalli.

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Credit: Andrea Favret