From Coltura to casera Busa Bernart e over

This one may not be the most fulfilling uphill walk, but it certainly is the most popular with a couple of unusual additions. We are talking about the rise to the casera Busa Bernart, but leaving from Coltura. There is the possibility to walk up to the peak of Torrione, that is usually called Toriòn, and to connect to a trail named to Dorigo Angelo “Stradin”.

You start from via Bettola, in Coltura, where there are many parking places. You can notice a trail by the end of the road going uphill towards the mountain: there is where this hike begins.

There is a beaten track on the right side of valle Carpenaz, where you also come across the risina and without too much effort, you find yourself on the road that goes to Mezzomonte, where there was the Bar da Stale.

You get to the place where CAI trails 981-982 (tables) begin. By following the marks you quickly go uphill as the rise is now harder. After a few turns on a partially paved trail, you often come across the remains of an old canal that used to convey the trunks cut in the Cansiglio woods. When you get to the fork, turn right. More tables with accurate indications.

Please be careful as slope and ground are not at their best, there may be shifting stones here and there. The whole trail is under trees that will be a good help when it is very hot and sunny. At 819m a.s.l. you get to La Lobia, a small hut open on one side. To this point, according to seasons, it it is possible to admire stunning flowers. Among these the rare Giglio Carniolo (a typical kind of orange lily of the area).

From the small facility made with stones and tinplate you keep going uphill, looking at the Toriòn (Mount Torrione).

There are still some sections under trees before you arrive at steep lush slopes; here in winter and spring, when it snow above 1100 m altitude, early in the morning you can be sure you will come across deers. A few moments before the sharp change in the trail, you encounter the Buset fountain; although it is almost hidden on the side of the trail, it conveys some very refreshing water.

Here you are finally at the casera (hut) Busa Bernart, a great beautiful facility maintained by the Alpini Group of Polcenigo. To this point this hike may be considered of average difficulty (level E), but I would like to add a couple of options that will make it even more interesting and attractive.

Before you arrive at the casera, when you get to the ridge and you see a bench on your left, stepping off the track and following the ridge on the right you can reach the top of Mount Torrione. Please pay attention as there is no trail in spite of a few faded marks and a few stone men here and there recently built. The round-shaped peak of the mountain offers a breathtaking view over the plain landscape and over the range of Mount Cavallo. Coming back, you need to walk on the ridge in the opposite direction.

Once you have reached the casera, another option is to follow along the dirt road in south-east direction. After a relaxing walk of fifteen minutes, you come to a wooden cross. You need to follow downhill below that cross, again the track is barely marked, and link to the trail that starts from the passage where the barbwire is. You are now on the trail of the risina, dedicated to Dorigo Angelo “Stradìn”. The first part of the track runs in the woods; there is also a very useful cable should the gound be slippery or covered in leaves. At the end of it you end up in the verdant area under mount Torrione. Of course you also see the upper part of the canal, that had been masterly dug here in the rock in 1836.

After a rewarding high-altitude hike crossing the slope, you are very close to the Buset fountain, where you can easily go back to the start.

As mentioned above, the hike to casera Busa Bernart is a medium difficulty trail (level E) despite the fact that the difference in altitude uphill is approximately 1150m. If you wish to reduce the difference in altitude to 850/900m, you can leave from Bar da Stale.

These two alternatives, which are highly recommended for a full immersion experience, are both trails of high difficulty, for experts (level EE); steady steps, ability to walk off the beaten track and good sense of direction are a must. If you are not completely confident with your skills, do not try these secondary options. Do not worry, the mountains are not going anywhere, you will try later.

We would discourage the idea of following directions from casera Busa Bernart to Mount Torrione, as the track is no longer maintained, in summer it is covered in nettle and it is unnecessarily harder that the track previously advised. One last thing: please beware that on Sundays several people cycle in the stretch of road between Coltura and the Bar da Stale.

Appropriate shoes are highly suggested.


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Credit: Andrea Favret